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Wednesday : Nov/15/2006
greetings, from BU, once again.

still failing at school... what else is new?

anyways, the point of this entry was that i wanted to see how many people would be home next wednesday.... bowling anyone?? come on!!!

defineatly need to take advantage of this, kids! just comment, and i'll make a facebook invite and get the ball rolling.

everyone hang in there! break is almost here!

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my biweekly update... as it were. [
Tuesday : Nov/07/2006
hello all!

i would just like to commiserate and comfort all of those who all seem to be stressed. man, i'm feeling you too. sophomore year has proven to be a bitch. from chicago, to the district, and even here in good old indiana. bitch bitch bitch BITCH.

things have looked up slightly for me in the homework department. not in the playing department.

in all of my stress of getting homework done for all of my classes, i've failed in the whole being a horn performance major.

yeah, not practicing nearly enough.

here are my days, with the amount i'm SUPPOSED to be practicing:

8--> get up
8:30 to 9:30--> practice horn
9:30--> practice either piano/aural skills/or try to do some homework
10 to 12--> class
12 to 1--> lunch
1 to 2--> class
2 to 4--> orchestra (only on monday)
4 to 6--> wind ensemble
6 to 7--> dinner
7 to 9--> homework
9 to 11--> practice horn/piano/aural skills
11 to whenever--> finish homework

8--> get up
8:30 to 9--> warm up for lesson
9 to 9:30-->practice either piano/aural skills/or try to do some homework
9:30 to 10:30--> horn lesson
10:30 to 11--> breathe
11 to 12--> class
12 to 12:30--> lunch
12:30 to 12:45--> practice for piano lesson
12:45 to 1:15--> piano lesson
1:30 to 3:45--> orchestra
4 to 5:15--> class
5:30 to 6--> dinner
6 to 7:30 --> homework
7:30 to 9--> faculty recital
9 to 11--> practice horn/piano/aural skills
11 to whenever--> finish homework


8--> get up
8:30 to 9:30--> practice horn
9:30 to 10--> practice piano/aural skills
10 to 11--> homework
11 to 12--> class
12 to 1--> lunch
1 to 1:30--> homework
1:30 to 2--> warm up for orchestra
2 to 4--> orchestra
4 to 7--> class
7 to 7:30--> homework
7:30 to 8:30--> practice/warm up for horn ensemble
8:30 to 10--> horn ensemble
10 to 11--> practice
11 to whenever--> finish homework


there it is, folks.

i'm supposed to be practicing 3 hours a day, on top of having 5 hours of rehearsal at least 3 days of the week.

i feel like i'm supposed to be superman, but i'm struggling.

i'll just have to use magic!
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Tuesday : Oct/31/2006

love it.

though i'm dissapointed, because nothing amazingly fun has happened. tonight, however, me and a couple friends here are going to see 'nightmare before xmas' in 3D! woot!

i suppose i should update everyone on my life as of late...

... still sucking at school... blah blah blah. but that doesn't really matter, right? haha

i'm rushing for the music sorority here. which really isn't even a social sorority. there isn't a house or anything like that. you get really good opportunities for scholarships and working with music in the community, which will be cool. i had my official 'pledging' last night. haha, our pledge class is 2. holler.

in other news... well...

::: ahem :::

i'm dating again. ::: hangs head in shame ::: lol

his name is matt. and i won't go into to many details yet, because i know my head will get bitten off by several of you if i don't talk to them first about it.

another old man, sorry. haha...

well, back to more homework! even though i think me doing homework isn't going to help my grades... oh well...
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why going home is awesome [
Sunday : Oct/15/2006
[ mood | lazy ]

so basically my fall break was the shit and a half.

why you ask?

here, i'll tell you:

- the first night home i went to bed at 8, and woke up at 11:30 the next afternoon. that's right. 15 1/2 HOURS OF SLEEP, BITCHES.

- that same day i took a 2 hour nap. what what.

- today i made halloween themed paper chains for the dorm.

- my dog.

- playing trivial pursuit with the fam.

- being reminded that the fam is INSANE.

- actually having the time to watch tv.

- being able to take pictures.

- hanging with the brother.

- eating REAL food.

- having the time to breath.

.... which means, that now i have to catch up on all the things i should have been preparing for. DAMMIT!

oh well! it was fun while it lasted! :-)


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fall break is drawing near [
Monday : Oct/09/2006
hello all!

so i'm pretty much pumped. my fall break starts in two days.... awesome.

i have an ensemble that ends at around 5:30. my car will be most defineatly packed and parked right outside of lilly. and i'm OUT OF HERE.

i plan on sleeping for at least two days straight. and eating lots of food.

so basically i'll come back rested and fat. awesome.

but until then, i have two exams on wednesday. dammit. hopefully i won't fail them like i have my last two tests. well, not really failed, more like two D's. i'm not doing so well.

if any of you guys are on break during this wednesday to sunday, let me know! i'd love to see you guys/eat lunch or something with you.

well, back to class (i'm in music history right now)

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Saturday : Oct/07/2006
1. Open your music library
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

Opening Credits: i'll catch you in the end- not quite sure who it's by

Waking Up: one by one- enya

First Day at School: the magic spirit-james horner-bicentenial man score

Falling in Love: symphony no. 1, second movement, andante sostenuto- brahms

Fight Song: tomarrow i'll be you- thursday

Breaking Up: symphony no. 2, movement V, im tempo des scherzo, gustav mahler

Prom: face the music- conjure one

Life's Ok: pines of rome, les pins pres dune Catacombe- respighi

Mental Breakdown: walrus- unwritten law

Driving: beethoven symphony no 9, mvt. 4, presto

Flashback: horn concerto in D-hadyn

Getting Back Together: the lark ascending- ralph vaughn williams

Wedding: i'll cover you- RENT

Birth of Child: the black rider, the fellowship of the ring, howard shore

Final Battle: brahms, five duets, mvt I, james thatcher

Death Scene: mays dialogues for horn and piano, walter mays, james thatcher.

Funeral Song: ein heldenleben, mvt V, richard strauss

End Credits: entry into the great hall and the banquet, harry potter and the sorceror's stone, john williams.

i am the biggest nerd in all of creation.

wow, it's been quite some time... [
Wednesday : Oct/04/2006

wow... it's been quite some time since i've updated last, i must say.

these last two weeks have probably been the most stressful i've ever had during school. everyone here keeps telling me your sophomore year is your hardest.... it really is.

each one of my classes demands so much, which is great, but i just have so much work to do in each, and all of them simulateously. i've gotten about 5 hours of sleep each night, a whole 6 on the weekends...

i've pretty much bombed two of my exams, and two days ago i went through an existentialist crisis... haha. pretty much a 'oh my god. if i fail these classes, i'll have to retake them... and no one will take me in grad school because my grads suck... and i don't have time to practice... and and and and....'

i'm so silly sometimes. everything always works out.

long story short: really fucking busy as of late. i'm sorry i haven't called several of you back, or spoken with you as much as i should have.

other than the stress of school, i'm having a blast here. i'm having a lot of, one might say, fun. lol.

this wasn't a very deep entry, haha. but that's ok. i haven't had time to be deep as of late. which is good! i guess...

love to all, miss you all, and i'll be home next wednesday evening for break. i'll probably sleep until friday, but the weekend, let's do something.
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Thursday : Aug/24/2006
hey all!

thought i would go ahead and update all my homies in the lj world of my life here at ole BU.

classes started on wednesday, and they aren't too bad. once i take them all i'll update you on them.

the biggest thing for me right now was my auditions for the ensembles here. i thought i had a pretty crappy audition. i practiced the pieces so much better (in my mind) than how i performed them for in audition.


i ended up getting co-principle in wind ensemble, and 3rd in orchestra..... oh snap! i'm really exicted about it... it's going open up so much more playing opportunities for me in ensemble, and it's really going to push me more than last year. i'm even playing principle for one of the pieces in orchestra... yeah i pretty much shat a brick when i saw that.

i better start practicing... oh wait... i just did.

until next time.
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Saturday : Aug/19/2006
hey all!

well i'm moved back to good ole BU. it's soooo sweet, because the whole moving in part was a breeze. our room is facing the back parking lot, so what did dani and emily do? move our stuff in through the window. took me about 15 minutes. the units are coming in a couple hours to bring the rest of my clothes, and then we're good to go.

last night consisted of me actually getting to spend some time with my dad, which didn't really happen this summer, which was sad. he took me out to eat after moving most of my stuff. the last part of the summer i was gone to band camps. i would get home at 10 each night, and he'd already be in bed. so it was nice to spend some time with him.

then i came back and lo and behold dani has found some friends to welcome into our humble abode. brooks and tommy (tommy's a dance major) hung out with us. then i finished unpacking and organizing all my junk. and i successfully found a way to make more space in our room... moving my dresser into my closet, lol. i felt so crafty. now there is space for the refrigerator. holler.

so i already have two 'gatherings' before school starts, haha. horn and friends party and one of my friend's 20th birthday. double hollllerrrrr.

today david and katie and casey and andrea g, and um... some other people i think are moving in. tomarrow we'll have our whole suite!

OMG and get this! units tend to have different themes, depending on how motivated the RA is. so ours is... get this.... PIRATE THEMED!!!! GAH!!!!!!!!

i'm in love.

and i'm out.
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Sunday : Aug/13/2006
today in my inbox:

"You have been invited to join 'There are Thousands of Photos of Me on Facebook Due to Emily Elizabeth Toth' facebook group."

i laughed for about 10 minutes straight, then nodded... approvingly.

::: poses for next picture, thumbs up, mouth open :::

damn it feels good to be a gangster...
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Sunday : Aug/06/2006
[ mood | awake ]

hello all.

just got back from the movies with the brettfry. we had a delightful evening of china buffet (it was long over due) and then john.tucker.must.die.

man, i was pumped for some man hatin' action.

but it left me feeling sorry for everyone, and not as bitter as i would have liked, lol.

however, good times were had by all, as always! i wish kasey and pete could have been there!

in other news, i have one more week left of webo band camp. thank the gods. it hasn't been that bad, at all. i mean, just tedious at times. it's nice to have staff there that i know too. i can complain to people i know :-). anyways, that ends this week, and i only have one day of danville camp.

then this thursday the drum majors and katie (woodwind tech i work with at webo and danville) and i are going to the live video feed of the DCI quarter finals in a theatre in indy. hotttt.

then, in less than two weeks, i'll be off to butler! soooo pumped. i'm starting to move my stuff in a week from this coming friday, and then staying there for good the next day.

total and complete chaos.

so, if you guys want to hang out beforehand give me a HOLLER. this next week i'll be busy, but i'll have evenings free on mon, wed, and friday. so let's do something.


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Sunday : Jul/30/2006
[ mood | contemplative ]

i feel like a mormon with two wives: xanga and livejournal.

oh well...

i suppose i should pay attention to livejournal for a change!

soooooooo my life has been insanely busy, if you haven't noticed.

i've hardly been home at all. two weeks ago i was doing danville camp from 9 to 9 every day, and spending the week in danville to save on gas and the likes. this last week i've been working in indy with random danville rehearsals placed throughout. plus, the fairage. good times.

it's wierd, because i haven't been at home.... at all. i'm here in the evenings from like 6 to when i go to bed. and that's only when i don't have danville rehearsals until 9. weird. as opposed to last summer where i was home 24/7 with the disease. you know, i kinda like this constant busyness for a change. i feel... on the edge... all the time.


tomarrow i start webo's band camp. which lasts two weeks, but i only have to be there from around 12 to 4. not bad at all.

interesting fact:

brooks is going to be the percussion instructor for webo.

lol.... how about them apples? funny thing is, i'm actually looking forward to it. i'll know all the staff people now (the woodwind instructor does staff with me at danville. she's the shit.).

soooo here is my coming week as it were:

monday: webo until 4

tuesday: webo until 4, danville 5 to 9, high tailing it to indy to a 'welcome home david from europe' party/spending night at daisy's. (i have a feeling j will be there.... yeah...)

wednesday: webo until 4

thursday: webo until 4, danville until 9

friday: webo until 4, then straight to danville for a over night lockin until saturday around 3.

...and then do it all over again in two weeks!

damn it feels good to be a gangster!

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Friday : Jul/14/2006

alright, so, on August 10th at 6pm, at the Galxy Theatre in Indianapolis there will be a LIVE showing of the DCI quarter finals on the big screen.

i have danville rehearsal at that time BUT i'm thinking i'm going to skip out to see this.

soooooo i was going to see if other's would be interested in going! i need to know ASAP because the tickets go on sale today... and they go fast.

i figure we could car pool from webo, because i have webo rehearsal just before the show.

DO IT!! ::: looks at the drum majors :::

doooooooo ittttttttt.
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Tuesday : Jul/11/2006
[ mood | tired ]

stole from ammehCollapse )


Sunday : Jul/09/2006
[ mood | thoughtful ]

this weekend was defineatly eventful.

on friday i went to work, and then went over to butler to give get the DCI tickets to emily and j. it was really nice talking with emily (senior horn player) because i hadn't seen her since commencement rehearsals. then i went to j's house to give him his. first time i had seen him/talked to him in person since... well, about a month. out of body, really. i was sad, for different reasons than i thought i would be sad for. i felt very.... hallow.

went and saw the 2006 DCI central division championships at the RCA dome on sat, then. not as many solid corps as there normally has been in the past, but the evening show was excellent. at the noon show there were so many more 2nd and 3rd division corps that weren't there last year. it was like watching highschool marching band. bad ones. one of the guards had blown up dolphins and sharks as one of their props. baaaaad.

evening corps kicked ass. well, most of them. my favorite shows were the Glassmen, and The Cavaliers. The Glassmen did a Beethoven show, and it was pretty much amazing. they all were in a block, and the first music moment they hit was this amazingly loud and intense 5th symphony arrangement. blew me away. really really powerful. they were screwed over though. they got like 8th or something.

the Cavies show was 'machine' and it was all centered around robots pretty much, and all things mechanical. so hot. lots of robot moves and synchronization. really hot. they got jipped too, in my opinion. they got second by a half point to the Blue Devils. i don't even remember their show. not even for a second. Cavies, you are bitches, but you deserved first. awesome show.

the best part of it was, i get to see my really good friend, evan (2nd drum major for Carolina Crown, another corp there). we were playing phone tag the whole afternoon, and the gang and i finally made the 10 minute trek over to the buses (which were parked over by the state house) to see him. i also got to see my friends sam (tuba, cavaliers), and phillip (guard, cavaliers), and also chad, (trumpet, carolina crown). it was so nice to see people from school. makes me want to be there even sooner. it was really nice to see evan, cuz i haven't since school either. so much to catch up on when he gets back!

also talked to david in possibly getting a house for the next school year sometime in the spring. i think it will be david, myself, and evan (once we talk to him), and probably danica. it would be so kickass.

well, that is my update.

::: pats on back :::

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Monday : Jun/12/2006
so it's official.

on wednesday after work, brett and i are going to go and get my hair cut.

and by cut, i mean C.U.T.

like, my shoulders.

a little above my shoulders.

yeah... um, i'd say if it was straightened, it would be able 8 inches off.

so. i don't know how this is going to turn out, and frankly i don't care. all i know is that it's going to happen, and it can't really turn out that bad.

i can always do SOMETHING with it.

so, here's where all of you come in. because i'm going to need your opinions.

if you have any ideas on how i should do it, or what style it should be, throw them my way. what i want to do is have it at least to my shoulders curly, nothing like a bob and curly. um, i think we can all agree that would be repulsive, lol. like i said, i don't want no little annie hair cuts on the toth-meister.

but you see, i can straighten my hair if i want, when it's that short. won't be so much of a hassle. and i'd also like it long enough that i can pull back at least some of it. nothing like to my ears or anything.

i don't know if i want it layered, or what, shorter in the back than the front... i don't know.

but i need some opinions, and i need some ideas before wednesday, so i would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT. :-)

thanks, and come again.
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Sunday : Jun/11/2006
i'll make this quick and brief.

just so there aren't any awkward questions later, which isn't your fault, i just want to avoid those as much as possible right now.

jon and i broke up.

it wasn't mutual, but if feelings aren't there, there's nothing you can really do.

he did it in a very respectful way, and i believe this will leave room open for friendship in the future.

i'm sad, but i'm coping.

i'll talk about it with the people i need to talk about it with, but that's the gist.

yeah, there it is.


on a seperate, yet related (i guess) note, i feel i want to do something drastic. i.e. cutting all my hair off.

it would be to my shoulders, i don't know how this would work with curly hair, but i want to do it.

i could also straighten it if i wanted, because it would be so short.

ideas? suggestions?

i feel like i need this change.
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Thursday : Jun/01/2006
[ mood | hopeful ]

i suppose i should apologize for not updating this dohicky.

meh, well i'm not going to.

normally by now i would have had a sentimental/nostalgic account of my first year of college, but at the moment, i'm distancing myself from vulnerability.

let's just say i feel that i'm a completely different person, in many ways.

i look back at myself at the beginning of the first semester, and i almost feel bad for myself. but more in a protective maternal way. as if i (back then) were the child of my current self. i just want to hug that girl, and be like, 'dude, everything will change'. i mean, you know, this isn't in any way an emo statement. that's not what i mean.

i was just really naive at that point. less so than the beginning of the summer. i finally had my first heartbreak under my belt, so i felt like i could tackle anything. i think of how i'm dealing with situations now, and how i dealt with them as i got more accustomed to the independent lifestyle, and had to rely on (for the most part) my own intuition and experiences, and i recall how i normally would have responded.

so much differently.

now, an update on my life events since i last updated? i think it's been a little more than two weeks, i really don't know. perhaps less than that. but i'm going through another adjustment phase, so bear with me.

normally i'd post, post after post of the details in really ambiguous, angsty, emo-esque ways, but i really don't think i'm going to this time.

in my attempts at being more open and trustworthy, more accepting and forward, i'm detracting and pulling back in several ways.

i'm 'partitioning' off certain ingrained and deeply rooted reactions.

i never knew any other way.

bear with me.

or is it bare with me? i don't know.

again, the summer heralds in both a learning and growing experience.

i thought i could get away this time.

it's all grey though. it's not black and white like before. there isn't that one reason why i should abandon everything for the sake of saving myself from pain.

chase, you won't believe this but i think you're a profit. lol

"faith is coming back... in a big way"

the last couple of days, those have been the words i've kept going back to.

i've never had faith in any aspect of my life. i've had blind hope. well, perhaps that's the same thing.

but i've abandoned those notions in the last couple of years, for the sake of being naive and ignorant to the reality of life.


let it be known, that emily toth is going to believe in faith just this once.

just this once.

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don pablos/productive days [
Saturday : May/20/2006
[ mood | accomplished ]

so last night a bunch of us hooligans went out to eat at don pablos.

god, it was so much fun. i love it how we all haven't seen each other for at least 6 months, and the moment we come back together, we are just like how we were. it was just like lunch time all over again, lol.

much food was eaten, much laughing ensued, and many stories were told.

awesome, let's keep doing this guys!

the car ride too and from was just as memorable, lol. britta drove myself, leeann, paul, and david. most of the fun consisted of leeann and i making up dance moves to britta's black music. which most of it consisted of snapping and arm pumping. lol, so obnoxious. i haven't laughed like that in a while.

then on the way home, we listened to tenacious d. we even listened to 'fuck her gently' which, despite the title, is a horrendously sweet and touching song. lol. seriously.

and THEN.

right at the very last chord jon called. it was amazing. i about died. and the best part of it was he called to let me know he was passing lebanon. (on his way home to laporte).

'yeah, i'm such a sweetheart'

yeah, pretty much.


and then today was actually a productive day! i had breakfast, warmed up on the horn, and went to walmart to get a few things. i got black and white polka dotted flip flops for 2 dollars! woot freaking woot! then i wen tot the lebanon library and finally got a library card. i need to check out so many cds for listening for summer projects for horn. SO i'm thinking 'of course ANY library would have the classics, right? you know the standard brahms, beethoven, haydn, etc symphonies, right?'


they had a whole 30 classical cds. it was pretty much pitiful. i mean, i can get SOME knowledge out of it, but i need to hear specific things for some orchestral excerpts i'm doing. i'm hoping the butler library will be open in the summer, because this will not do.

oh well. i did manage to get a 2 disc set of best of john williams. a couple things on there i don't have, which is cool. then i got the phantom menace score, and this one cd by ISO. oh yeah, and i got a book of sylvia plath poetry, and one by barbara kingsolver (commi, i know, lol).

slightly pumped, i guess it will have to suffice.

now i must clean more of my room.

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Thursday : May/18/2006
[ mood | energetic ]

hello all!

well, my summer has indeed begun. and i don't know about you, but i'm pretty pumped.

went out bowling with the gang last night. soooo awesome. we really need to do this more often this summer. i forget how much fun it is each time, and it just gets better. we had a massive/obnoxious group this time. there was many obscenities, laughing, hijinks, ass slappage, teasing, dancing, and songage. it was so nice to see everyone. i got to see britta and lana, who i both haven't seen for ages. so awesome.

and to all those who missed out/that i haven't seen yet, YOU AREN'T GETTING OFF THAT EASY! lol. you can't hide from me for very long. i WILL find you.

lol, well it appears as though in this entry i'm going backwards chronologically speaking, but oh well.

before the bowling ensued, two very awesome things happened.

let's just say, yesterday was a really, really, REALLY good day.

first off, my parents and i finally went car shopping.

yes, you read me right. CAR SHOPPING.

and i am the new, proud owner of a plum 2000 Honda Civic. WOOT FREAKING WOOT! i get it on friday, and i just don't know what i'm going to do with myself! i'm almost 20, and i still don't have a car. wait. not almost 20. not even halfway to 20. i lied. my apologies.

ANYWAYS. this means, i can drive more places on my own time. mmmmmmmmmmm.

SO the next awesome part of my story is that we were at the Honda West on 38th, which is close to butler.

which is close to a certain someone.

i convinced my mom into dropping me off at his house and my dad for picking me up after work.

so worth it. SOOO worth it.

especially because i tried calling him like 4 times, and he didn't pick up, and then knocking on the door, surprising him, and then having him tell me this story:

'so i saw this elderly woman drive up in a mini-van, and point at the house. ::: puzzled look ::: then i saw this older man starting walking towards the door, and then the bell rang."

lol, he thought i was an old man.

that makes my life.

so worth it. soooooooo worth it.

and tomarrow the hijinks will continue with a reunion at don pablos with my home-fries.

then i start work on monday. booooooooo.

but soon enough i start staffing for Danville which will be so kick ass. soooo excited.

... and i'm spent.

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